The Symfonisk picture frame speaker from Ikea and Sonos is even cheaper

Perhaps Ikea is feeling buoyed by the hype surrounding the new Sonos Era 100 and 300 speakers, especially now that the speakers are available for pre-order; The flat-pack furniture maker has slashed the price even further of its art-like smart speaker that you can hang on your wall.

The Ikea Symfonisk picture frame Sonos speakers is available now for $169.99 ($90 off) direct from Ikea through May 29 or “while supplies last”. We don’t know if that means the unusual speaker is on its way out or that a new one is coming, but we do know that’s a lot. Well, I know I said Symfonisk was a screaming deal at $194.99 last month, but surprisingly it’s another $25 cheaper now. Don’t worry if you bought one last month – Ikea offers 90-day price protection when you sign up for the free Ikea Family Rewards membership.

I keep telling myself I really don’t need to own two of these, but it sits in my shopping cart

Ikea’s Symfonisk picture frame is like a Sonos One speaker that you can hang on your wall. It fits seamlessly into the Sonos ecosystem and can pull your music through the Sonos app, Spotify Connect, or even Apple’s AirPlay 2. Sure, there’s a power cord hanging from it that you might want to hide, but in my own home I find it works well above a shelf or desk and saves space. And if you don’t like the simple geometric art it features, Ikea recently released new drop-in panels that you might like better. Read our review.


One of Ikea’s most unusual collaborations with Sonos, the Symfonisk Picture Frame Speaker is a space-saving speaker with solid sound and unique looks. You can even connect two in series without the need for a second outlet.

The Anker 622 MagGo magnetic battery in black or green is available from Newegg (sold by Anker) for $39.99 using code MKTACCUMAR6 at checkout or at Anker’s store for $44.99 with code WS24A161156. This Newegg deal is a $20 discount (a new low) on the excellent 5,000mAh power bank that can charge a phone via USB-C or wirelessly via an integrated Qi-Pad with magnets.

The 622 MagGo is a perfect companion for some portable juice, especially if you have a MagSafe-compatible iPhone. While not an official MagSafe accessory, it charges at a solid 7.5W and is much, much cheaper than Apple’s $99 MagSafe battery, which charges at 15W, but doesn’t contain nearly as much juice. Read our MagSafe buying guide.


A portable power bank with magnetic Qi wireless charging, a convenient kickstand and a USB-C port for wired charging. Anker sells the black and green versions through Newegg for $39.99 if you use code MKTACCUMAR6 at checkout.

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You can download the latest version of the Apple Watch SE in 40mm or 44mm size for $30 off. That means the 40mm GPS configuration sells for $219 at Best Buy and Amazon, while the larger 44mm model with GPS is $249, also at Best Buy and Amazon.

Despite using the same latest processor as the Series 8, the second-gen Apple Watch SE retains the smaller screen of older models, so it doesn’t support the always-on feature. This deal is as cheap as you can get an Apple Watch today without settling on an old or used model. So it’s a great entry-level model if you’re looking to get into fitness and health tracking, or if you’re upgrading from an older model like the Series 3. Hey, you won’t miss the always-on display if you never had it in the first place, or? Read our review.

Apple Watch with Breathe watch face that has a black border


The latest version of the Apple Watch SE shares the Series 8 Watch’s S8 processor, but offers features like an always-on display and a temperature sensor for a much lower price. It also supports the new car crash detection.

I’ve got a few offers straight out of my ballpark for you Xbox and PC gamers. After giving our Xbox controller buyers guide a juicy update yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice a handful of great deals on first-party and third-party controllers.

Our first choice and easiest recommendation for most people, the Standard Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller (which comes with the Xbox Series X/S) is sold for $39.99 ($20 off) in black by Microsoft. It might be a little bland or not as cool looking as some of the wild creations from the Xbox Design Lab, but it’s an excellent all-rounder that’s sold at the lowest possible price.


The official Xbox Wireless Controller features a dedicated Share button for saving clips and screenshots and sharing them online, Bluetooth support, and a USB-C port for recharging Microsoft’s Play and Charge battery.

If you prefer a higher quality construction with built-in battery, Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller is sold for $110 ($20 off) on Amazon and $110.99 on Microsoft. The black and white Elite Series 2 Core is the same controller as the all-black $179.99 Elite Series 2, but lacks additional accessories like alternate stick toppers, cross D-pad, rear paddles, and a charging case. However, you can buy them all in one kit for $59.99 to have the Core match the more expensive Elite Series 2 one-for-one. And with today’s discount, it actually makes sense because the total price of $169.99 saves you $10 over buying the Elite Series 2.


The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core is functionally identical to the more expensive Elite Series 2, but doesn’t come with the additional D-Pad, back paddles, thumbsticks, or charging case. These can be purchased separately for $59.99.

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Now for my fellow curmudgeons, the Xbox version of the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller in blue is selling for just $24.99 ($13 off) on Amazon and Best Buy. Don’t let that low price fool you, the Enhanced Wired is a solid controller that feels very similar to the stock Microsoft, albeit with a pair of mappable rear buttons and the requisite wired connection. Unfortunately, that cable is a legacy Micro-USB instead of USB-C, but these gamepads are excellent if you want something inexpensive but still good for PC gaming, or additional controllers for local collaboration on your Xbox console of choice.


The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is an affordable wired controller for Xbox and PC that connects via micro USB and features two customizable buttons on the back. It is offered in many different colors and licensed designs.

Last but not least, for you ill who might be considering a wired controller with some deep Customization options that RIG Nacon Revolution X controller in black is available direct from Nacon for $79.90 ($20 off), while the white version is sold on Amazon for $79.99. It’s the only controller with optional weights in the grips, so you can make it lighter or heavier depending on your preference. Also, the four additional buttons on the back are easier to use than paddles.


The RIG Nacon Revolution X is a wired controller for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs that offers a ton of detailed software customization options. It also has four customizable rear buttons, adjustable sticks, and optional weights that can be inserted into the grips to add weight.

  • If you own a Switch Lite, you owe it to yourself to own that too Nintendo Switch Lite Flip Cover & Screen Protector for which is available on Amazon for $26.73 (about $13 off). The small body offers protection and comfort while the Lite remains lightweight.
  • Amazon Echo Show 15 is available for $224.98 ($50 off) on Amazon. This is one of the best smart display options for the Echo Show, as it can be mounted on your wall to save counter or desk space, and it can even double as a Fire TV streaming device (although the remote control sold separately).

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