The March 2023 security update is rolling out alongside Android 13 QPR2 for supported Pixel phones

Along with the Pixel Feature Drop for March, Google has also rolled out a new security update that brings a plethora of new fixes and improvements to Pixel devices, old and new. While Google isn’t the first out of the gate this month, it’s still great to see the update rolling out to supported Pixel hardware.

As usual, Google shared details about a series of patches it has released for its latest version, plugging holes in Android that would otherwise impact users and the experience. The update includes patches for frameworks, systems and other hardware components used in Android devices. As with any update, there are many moving parts here, with fixes and patches being months in the works. Check out our guide to learn more about the whole process here.

In addition, Google offered pixel-specific security updates as well as several software experience fixes. Pixel-specific updates are now available for the Pixel 4a, Pixel 5a, Pixel 5 and Pixel 7 series. There are many different versions released, so we’ve listed them verbatim from Google’s site below.

In terms of fixes available, Google has hit all areas of the operating system, making improvements to apps, battery, charging, biometrics, camera, system and more. Again, there are many fixes in this update, so we’ve listed them below.

As previously mentioned, this update only appears to be available for certain supported Pixel devices running Android 13. While Google has launched the update, it says it will take time to complete a full rollout, which should happen within the next few weeks. The update will be delivered over-the-air (OTA), so please be patient if you don’t see it right away. However, if you want to download it as soon as possible, you can always download and install it manually.

Source: Pixel Update Bulletin, Google Pixel Update

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