The iPhone 15 series still requires MFi cables, USB Type-C or not

Will the MFi program be discontinued? Maybe not. (Source: Anchor)

New iPhones should finally do without proprietary connections from their “15 series” from 2023. However, Apple fans looking forward to enjoying the universal appeal of USB Type-C might be disappointed to learn that the Cupertino giant reportedly intends to impose its current MFi system on its version of the connector. The rumored limitations could be enforced with similar hardware currently keeping the Lightning port in the same walled garden.

Apple has finally succumbed to pressure to ditch the Lightning connector, in a move that could make the 14 series the last iPhones to ship with internal ports anywhere in the world. Despite this, the Cupertino giants reportedly have one last move against those awaiting the death of the dreaded ‘This accessory is not supported” message on the screen.

Advocates of sustainability in electronics and their manufacturing may have hoped that the new universal standard guidelines being adopted or proposed by many countries around the world would end the Made for iPhone (MFi) program, for which manufacturers have an official OEM license for the manufacture must receive Lightning-enabled accessories.

However, according to a Weibo-based leaker, Apple plans to make Type-C to C MFi cables as well. This will apparently be done by integrating custom “Lightning Interface” integrated circuits (IC) into new iPhones.

This is intended to allow the devices in question to detect non-approved peripherals as usual and alert the user to them. It’s not clear whether or not Apple’s purported offer to do MFi certifications in a Type-C-only world will prevent the use of an existing cable with a new 15-series device.

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