Specialized launches two new Recon gravel shoes: one for racers, one for adventurers

We’re fast approaching the point where ‘gravel’ as a genre is becoming too diverse to be summed up under a single term, much like ‘mountain biking’ encompasses everything from short track XC in lycra to falling off a mountain on a bike with more spring than a trampoline. Specialized’s two new Recon gravel shoes released today do a pretty good job of catering to both extremes of the gravel world. the gravel racers in search of absolute speed, and the adventure types who love nothing more than to carry their bike up something completely undrivable for some sweet shots, both single-origin coffee and for the ‘gram.

The new S-Works Recon replaces the previous model currently in our list of the best gravel bike shoes with a few changes. Most obviously, the Velcro has been removed in favor of dual BOA dials. There’s more that we’ll get into, but Specialized is now marketing it as a gravel shoe, while the previous S-Works Recon model was listed as an XC. Labeling does not contribute to an item’s performance; A gravel shoe by any other name would still be lighter, stiffer and more comfortable, but from a market trend perspective it’s notable.

A new shoe to the brand’s range, the Recon ADV appears to be a cross between the S-Works Recon Lace and the standard Recon MTB shoe. It seems to serve those riders who spend some time on foot but don’t want to sacrifice performance on the bike. Let’s move on to both models: Choose your fighter.

New Specialized Recon shoes

This could easily be a road shoe if you ignore the sole lugs (Image credit: Specialized)

New S-Works Recon

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