Results of the 2023 NCAA Wrestling Championships

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Brackets of the NCAA Wrestling Championships

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Live updates from the 2023 NCAA Wrestling Tournament

Andrew Spey’s in-depth Session 1 live blog will be updated throughout the event.

Round of 32 results


Spencer Lee (Iowa) won 17-0 by falling over Tucker Owens (Air Force) 25-13 (fall 0-36)

Jack Medley (Michigan) won 22-10 by decision over Ethan Berginc (Army West Point) 27-7 (December 4-2)

Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) 21-7 won by big decision over Nick Babin (Columbia) 21-13 (MD 9-0)

Anthony Noto (Lock Haven) won 30-2 by decision over Joey Prata (Oklahoma) 20-10 (5-2 December)

Killian Cardinale (West Virginia) won 11-1 via decision over Caleb Smith (Appalachian State) 26-6 (3-2 December)

Jore Volk (Wyoming) 24-9 won in sudden win-1 over Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) 9-8 (SV-1 3-1)

Jarrett Trombley (NC State) won 14-6 by decision over Dean Peterson (Rutgers) 21-10 (4-3 December)

Matt Ramos (Purdue) won 32-4 by decision over Nico Provo (Stanford) 21-10 (3-2 December)

Liam Cronin (Nebraska) won 21-4 via decision over Antonio Lorenzo (Cal Poly) 8-9 (December 9-4)

Braxton Brown (Maryland) 25-6 won by decision over Noah Surtin (Missouri) 16-6 (December 8-6)

Patrick McKee (Minnesota) 13-7 won by big decision over Diego Sotelo (Harvard) 15-9 (MD 12-3)

Eddie Ventresca (Virginia Tech) 17-7 won in sudden win-1 over Stevo Poulin (Northern Colorado) 28-6 (SV-1 4-2)

Jack Wagner (North Carolina) won 23-8 by decision over Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State) 21-8 (3-1 December)

Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) won 11-4 by decision over Jake Ferri (Kent State) 21-8 (December 5-3)

Brett Ungar (Cornell) 15-10 won by decision over Ryan Miller (Pennsylvania) 19-11 (6-1 Dec.)

Pat Glory (Princeton) 21-0 won by fall over Reece Witcraft (Oklahoma State) 14-10 (fall 0:32)

Hear from West Virginia’s Killian Cardinale after he defeated #5 seed Caleb Smith


Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) 17-0 won by big decision over Ethan Oakley (Appalachian State) 21-12 (MD 12-3)

Brayden Palmer (Chattanooga) won 21-6 by decision over Joe Heilmann (Rutgers) 24-10 (December 4-2)

Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh) won 14:3 by decision over Wyatt Henson (Oklahoma) 18:13 (5:2 December)

Aaron Nagao (Minnesota) 19-4 won by big decision over Kurtis Phipps (Bucknell) 31-12 (MD 8-0)

Kai Orine (NC State) 16-5 won by fall over Gable Strickland (Lock Haven) 31-10 (Fall 4:05)

Chance Rich (CSU Bakersfield) won 15-8 by decision over Chris Cannon (Northwestern) 19-9 (6-5 December)

Jesse Mendez (Ohio State) 15-6 won by big decision over Brendan Ferretti (Navy) 23-10 (MD 12-4)

Michael McGee (Arizona State) 21-10 won by big decision over Angelo Rini (Columbia) 12-16 (MD 20-8)

Vito Arujau (Cornell) won 21-1 via decision over Ethan Rotondo (Cal Poly) 12-13 (December 12-6)

Zach Redding (Iowa State) 16-10 won via decision over Domenic Zaccone (Campbell) 12-13 (7-2 Dec.)

Cody Phippen (Air Force) 20-6 won by fall over Dylan Ragusin (Michigan) 17-9 (fall 2:02)

Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) 24-6 won in Sudden Victory-1 over Taylor Lamont (Wisconsin) 11-15 (SV-1 3-1)

Michael Colaiocco (Pennsylvania) won 24-5 by falling over Connor Brown (Missouri) 11-10 (fall 0-38)

Lucas Byrd (Illinois) won 29-4 via decision over Brody Teske (Iowa) 9-5 (December 13-10)

Kyle Biscoglia (Northern Iowa) won 20-9 by falling over Jason Shaner (Oregon State) 20-11 (Fall 6:02)

Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) 27-0 won by falling over Jack Maida (American) 21:14 (Fall 2:16).

Cody Phippen’s reaction to #11 seed Dylan Ragusin getting stuck


Brackets are available on Trackwrestling here.

Andrew Spey’s in-depth Session 1 live blog will be updated throughout the event.


Real Woods (Iowa) won 17-0 by big decision over Kal Miller (Maryland) 17-17 (MD 13-1)

Dylan D’Emilio (Ohio State) 17-11 won by major decision over Josh Koderhandt (Navy) 29-11 (MD 10-1)

Mosha Schwartz (Oklahoma) won 22-4 by decision over Casey Swiderski (Iowa State) 11-11 (December 4-1)

Allan Hart (Missouri) 16-5 won by decision over Carmen Ferrante (Pennsylvania) 20-12 (7-4 Dec.)

Ryan Jack (NC State) won 21-3 via decision over Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville) 18-9 (3-2 December)

Parker Filius (Purdue) won 22-9 via decision over Cleveland Belton (Oregon State) 18-9 (December 8-3)

Jakob Bergeland (Minnesota) won 15-9 by decision over Carter Young (Oklahoma State) 15-13 (5-0 Dec.)

Brock Hardy (Nebraska) 28-5 won by big decision over Jordan Titus (West Virginia) 21-13 (MD 12-4)

Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) won 20-1 by decision over Seth Koleno (Clarion) 21-10 (December 4-1)

Cael Happel (Northern Iowa) won 17-6 by decision over Matt Kazimir (Columbia) 20-10 (December 4-3)

Clay Carlson (South Dakota) won 23-8 by decision over Malyke Hines (Lehigh) 17-12 (6-1 December)

Beau Bartlett (Penn State) won 22-2 by decision over Shannon Hanna (Campbell) 24-9 (8.2.)

Vince Cornella (Cornell) 20-4 won by decision over McKenzie Bell (Driver) 26-9 (7-4 Dec)

Lachlan McNeil (North Carolina) won 23-7 by decision over Cole Mattin (Michigan) 14-10 (6-2 December)

Frankie Tal Shahar (Northwestern) 13-7 won in Sudden Victory-1 over Tom Crook (Virginia Tech) 16-10 (SV-1 3-1)

Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) won 24-0 by falling over Joseph Zargo (Wisconsin) 12-13 (Fall 2-05)

pigtail results

125 Tucker Owens (Air Force) 25-12 won via decision over Tanner Jordan (South Dakota State) 16-15 (2-1 Dec.)

133 Ethan Oakley (Appalachian State) 21-11 won via decision over McGwire Midkiff (North Dakota State) 15-12 (December 5-3)

141 Kal Miller (Maryland) 17-16 won via decision over Josh Mason (Bloomsburg) 23-15 (December 4-3)

149 Dom Demas (Cal Poly) 12-7 won by tech fall over Isaiah Delgado (Utah Valley) 15-15 (TF-1.5 6:48 (18-3))

157 Vinny Zerban (Northern Colorado) 19-11 won via decision over Nathan Lukez (Army West Point) 19-13 (Dec 6-5)

165 Josh Kim (Harvard) 16-14 won by decision over Cole Moody (Wyoming) 17-15 (December 7-4)

174 John Worthing (Clarion) 20-9 won by decision over Will Miller (Appalachian State) 24-11 (8-4 Dec)

184 Anthony Carman (West Virginia) 18-13 won in Sudden Victory-1 over Jha`Quan Anderson (Gardner-Webb) 25-15 (SV-1 5-3)

197 Max Shaw (North Carolina) 15-10 won via decision over Cole Urbas (Pennsylvania) 17-14 (4-1 Dec.)

285 Garrett Joles (Minnesota) 16-14 won by decision over Travis Stefanik (Princeton) 16-12 (4-1 Dec.)

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