Racy appearance of Australian couples on vacation

Going on vacation and getting away from it all does wonders not only for peace of mind but also for bringing out the wild side in people.

A couple who didn’t know each other before boarding the plane were caught having sex on the plane. Courtesy: WDIV 4

Getting away from it all gives tourists an enticing combination of more headroom and more free time, so it’s no wonder people are turning to more bedroom activities.

In fact, a whopping 86 percent of Aussies have more sex with their partner when they travel, while 73 percent take it a step further and have more adventurous sex — like outdoors, in public places, and even in threesomes.

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Conducted by Travello, a leading provider of travel experiences, the study is based on the travel habits and behaviors of 1,438 Australians aged 18-54.

Romance was found to play a significant role in an authentic and exciting travel experience, whether it’s impromptu vacation sex with a spouse or a sexy fling with a stranger.

Travello co-founder and CEO Ryan Hanly told news.com.au the study reveals the significant impact vacations can have on personal relationships.

Our study uncovers the closer connection between travel and romance for Australians, showing the significant impact vacations have on relationships and how travel helps bring couples closer together.

“The results provide a clear understanding of the transformative power of travel for relationships,” said Mr. Hanly.

A survey found that 73 percent of Aussies have a more adventurous sex life when on vacation, meaning sex outdoors, in public places or in a threesome. Image: iStock

“Whether that means rekindling passion in a long-term relationship or pursuing new and exciting experiences with a romantic partner, vacations provide an ideal atmosphere for couples to strengthen their bonds.

“Even so, we’re not entirely shocked by the response to more sex on holidays.”

Neither does Australian couples therapist Shahn Baker Sorekli.

The co-founder of the My Love Your Love app said, generally speaking, spending more time with your partner, having less stress and having more adventures makes you feel more excited and connected.

“The best indicator of regular sex in relationships is a positive connection. Holidays are a great way to bond with your partner,” Mr Sorekli told news.com.au.

He said it’s no secret that high levels of stress can lead to decreased libido, but on vacation it’s quite the opposite.

A whopping 86 percent of Aussies now have more sex with their partner on vacation. Image: iStock

“We all underestimate how stressful our everyday lives can be, not to mention the added stress of finances, work, relationships and family,” he explained.

“When you’re on holiday, it’s easier to detach mentally from stress and to be more present because you’ve detached yourself from your usual environment.”

The Sydney-based psychologist said there was something special about letting go of some of our responsibilities, inhibitions and identity while on holiday.

“Without realizing it, our self-image is often shaped by social norms, family expectations, and our perceived judgments of others,” he said.

“When we’re on vacation abroad, even as a couple, we feel more unencumbered and free to express ourselves and try new things without fear of judgement.

“That’s probably why many people on vacation overseas feel more adventurous either in or out of the bedroom.”

Big Holiday Sex Mistake

Couples therapist Shahn Baker Sorekli said when you have more time with your partner, with less stress and more adventure, you tend to feel more excited and connected. Image: iStock

But Mr Sorekli said one of the biggest sex mistakes couples can make on holiday is forcing the issue before you’ve unwound and connected.

“Sure, if you’re both up for it, get those juices flowing and go for it. But in my experience as a couples therapist, it’s not uncommon for one or both partners to actually go on vacation with some thoughts about the state of their sex life.

He said vacations are a great way to bond with your partner. Image: iStock

“If one partner over-performs or both pushes the issue, it can lead to unsatisfactory sex or even worse anxiety and performance issues.”

Mr Sorekli said he often hears that relationships improve over the holidays, but for others that’s not always the case.

Travello’s results showed that one in five people ended a vacation early because of an argument, while one in eight ended it altogether during a trip.

Mr Sorekli said while the holidays can be far less stressful with minimal problems, the same cycles of conflict can resurface upon returning from the holiday.

“In that case, we strongly encourage couples to seek couples therapy,” he advised.

“Alternatively, the My Love Your Love couples app is a great alternative as the combined cost for both partners is less than one therapy session over a year.”

He said the app also offers the convenience of relationship coaching and other fun and exciting challenges.

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