NVIDIA CEO calls ChatGPT one of the greatest things ever done for computers and says it’s the iPhone AI moment

During a speech by NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang at Berkeley Haas University, the GPU giant’s CEO said that ChatGPT is AI’s iPhone moment.

According to NVIDIA CEO, ChatGPT is the iPhone moment of AI, the greatest thing ever done for computers

ChatGPT is a big deal right now and since its inception, the AI ​​tool has gained popularity and traction around the world. NVIDIA is a leader in AI technology and offers a great suite of hardware and software in the AI ​​segment. There’s a reason they’re known as the AI ​​leader in the industry.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang had a lot to say about ChatGPT when asked about it by a student at Berkeley Haas University in Berkeley, California. Jensen explained that the tool developed by OpenAI has generated a lot of interest and applications in a short period of time and this is just the beginning of something much bigger. He even called ChatGPT AI’s “iPhone moment,” saying that ChatGPT essentially democratized computing, saying it’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened to AI and the computing industry.

The full speech by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang can be seen in the video below:

Below is NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s Q/A session as he talks about ChatGPT and its future implications:

First off, ChatGPT is a very, very big deal. Just think about it, in just a few days it has reached tens of millions of people. I think there are more than 5, probably less than 30, and the amazing thing is that everyone uses it for different reasons and everyone finds it delightful. That’s it miracle

When was the last time we saw a technology so versatile that it could solve problems and surprise people in so many ways so often? It can of course write a poem, it could fill out a spreadsheet, it can write an SQL query and perform an SQL query, it can write Python code, it can write Verilog, and you know you can’t today, but of course one day it will be able to do it.

The fact that you have this tool that can do all these different things really surprises a lot of people around the world. Well, for a lot of people who worked on it, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. This is the iPhone artificial intelligence moment. This is the time when all these mobile computing ideas and all of that came together in a product that everyone kind of sees the way I see it.

I can now use it as an API and connect to a spreadsheet, I connect to PowerPoint, I connect to a drawing program, I connect to a photo AI program, it will do everything better. So we now know that this is going to have a monumental impact on technology. And now the question is, how fast will the technology spread? I think over the last 60 days that kind of tells us that the rate of technology adoption can be pretty high. For example, since the release of ChatGPT, probably about 500 startups have already emerged, and not only that, in about 2 weeks they have been able to create applications that are really delightful and useful.

This is no different than when browsers were made and someone made javascript overnight and you got a website which was quite surprising. Or when the iPhone came out and someone was writing something and it took them a couple of weekends and they had software they could download from the App Store. Before you know it, it’s something like Spotify. You know, that’s pretty amazing. This will happen now!

Over the last 40 years we’ve made computers increasingly difficult for humans to program and that’s why the technology gap has been so big and the technology gap keeps getting bigger, except until one day suddenly everyone can program a computer. You just have to get this thing to write a program for you, do something for you, automate something for you.

What OpenAI has done, what that team over there has done, is really one of the greatest things that has ever been done for computers. We democratized computing in a very, very big way. and that’s why I’m very happy about it.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

Recently, analysts and industry insiders have stated that ChatGPT’s success can greatly benefit NVIDIA. OpenAI, the developers of ChatGPT, are already using around 25,000 NVIDIA GPUs to meet their current server needs, and with increasing demand and more and more competing solutions, it looks like NVIDIA’s GPUs, which are known for delivering the best AI capabilities will definitely become a popular choice, which is also why the industry is predicting that NVIDIA will see demand outstripping total supply in the coming quarters.

It remains to be seen how NVIDIA will respond to this huge demand from the AI ​​segment with AI tools like ChatGPT and many others popping up about every week now. The GPU giant is expected to report earnings for Q4 FY23 on February 22, 2023.

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