Mom surprises ‘ungrateful’ daughter with brand new Tesla for her 16th birthday and throws a tantrum

A mother wanted to surprise her 16-year-old daughter with an unforgettable gift: a brand new Tesla car of her own.

While most teenagers would dream of being able to drive such a car, the girl was less than impressed with her birthday present and urged her mother to return it.

Stunned by her daughter’s ungrateful attitude, the mother decided to share a video of the incident on TikTok.

The girl threw a tantrum because a Tesla wasn’t the car she wanted for her 16th birthday.

In a video that has been viewed over 23 million times, proud mum Neshie was delighted to surprise her daughter Deaisha with the expensive gift.

The car is parked in the driveway with a red ribbon on the hood and a birthday balloon hanging from the driver’s window.

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“I hope she’ll be very excited,” says Neshie from behind the camera. The delighted mom goes inside and calls out to Deaisha to tell her to come outside for her surprise birthday present.

The teenager covers her eyes with a blindfold as her mother and younger brother lead her outside in front of the car.

When she removes the blindfold and sees her new Tesla, Deasiha’s reaction isn’t what Neshie was hoping for.

She stares at her mother in silence for a few moments before saying, “I didn’t want a Tesla. I don’t like electric cars.”

She says she asked for a pink Mercedes-Benz instead of the Tesla bought for her.

When Neshie tries to explain to her daughter that a Tesla is a better option than a Mercedes-Benz, she fires back, claiming that she doesn’t want to put up with having to charge her car to use it.

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“Girl, you better be thankful you even have a friggin’ car!” Neshie insists. Her younger son chimes in, encouraging his older sister to “be grateful.”

When the mother hands her daughter a second surprise, an envelope containing $1,600, she is furious, claiming it is “not enough” money.

“That’s all you got me for my 16th birthday?!” Deaisha yells at Neshie.

She then storms into the house and calls it the “worst birthday ever” before slamming the front door.

Neshie was shocked by the teen’s unexpected reaction and apologized to viewers for her “embarrassing” behavior.

TikTok users were disgusted by the ungrateful teen’s reaction to the gift.

“If my parents buy me a Tesla, I’ll jump to the moon and back to earth,” commented one user. “You’re a good mother, keep it up.”

“She acted like it was screaming for entitlement,” shared another user.

“Bruh. If my parents got me a 100 year old car, I would literally be happy no matter what. A car is a car,” pointed out another user.

“If I were your daughter I would be so grateful,” added another.

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Other users have criticized Neshie for appearing to spoil her children with expensive gifts, believing that this is the reason for her daughter’s hiring.

“She needs to be grounded to learn a valuable lesson,” suggested one user.

Thankfully, Neshie took the advice and decided to confiscate all of her daughter’s electronic and personal belongings for three months.

The mother informed viewers in a follow-up video, reporting that she had taken her daughter’s phone, iPad, computer, TV, car keys and some other items that she used on a daily basis.

Neshie hopes this will be a wake-up call for her daughter and that her attitude will improve.

She also has a message for those who have criticized her for gifting the car to Deaisha in the first place.

Neshie describes herself as a “great parent” who does her best by providing her children with things she never had growing up.

Hopefully her daughter will learn to appreciate the gifts she’s getting, even if it’s not a pink Mercedes-Benz.

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