MBA Ranking 2023: Business School Profiles

Top MBA: Colombia
New York’s Columbia Business School takes first place in the FT MBA ranking for the first time in its 25-year history. Its success is partly due to the fact that alumni have the third-highest average weighted salary at $226,359. The school also improved five spots to 15th in the Career Advancement category, due in part to changes in graduate seniority levels. “(The) Columbia MBA has completely changed me professionally and personally and opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me,” said one of the alumni interviewed. TM

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Top for Alumni Network: Cornell: Johnson
Cornell: Johnson in the US moves up nine places to eighth overall and is at the top for its alumni network. This is a new category in the 2023 ranking, based on alumni’s assessment of the network’s effectiveness in various criteria, such as: B. Assistance in finding internships and job offers. One graduate praised the alumni for their support in arranging site visits to companies in many cities. The school also ranks third for its career service, according to alumni polled. TM

Darden School of Business

Best for Carbon Footprint: Virginia: Darden
The 2023 ranking introduced the carbon footprint ranking to assess how schools manage emissions. This new category was led by the Darden School of Business with 17th place overall. The US school achieved carbon neutrality in part through guaranteed payments for fossil-free electricity, which allowed the provider to fund a new solar array to power the school. ss

ESCP Business School
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Gender Parity: ESCP Business School
Rising 25 places to 27th overall, the French ESCP is the only school to have achieved gender parity in the youngest MBA class. The school has increased its proportion of female students, as well as the number of women among its full-time faculty and board members. One graduate wrote: “The program was well structured (and it was) interesting to discover new ways of thinking and problems.” LC

Robert H Smith School of Business
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Common highest climbers: Maryland: Smith
The Robert H. Smith School of Business in the US is one of two equally strong climbers, up 28 places to 57th place. The school improved its performance in several categories, including its career service at No. 42. One graduate praised the “amazing” career support: “I could never have gotten that many interviews and they even helped me negotiate my offers to make me even better.” Salary.” WKC

A student walking past Goodes Hall

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Common Highest Climber: Queen’s: Smith
At the same 71st overall, Canada’s Smith School of Business is the second-biggest climber, sharing a 28-place climb with its US namesake. Alumni praised the program’s teaching of soft skills, such as conflict resolution and teamwork. One graduate interviewed said, “Because of its small class size, I believe Queen’s has helped me connect with every single MBA candidate. . . very good and on a personal level.” WKC

Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst
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Highest rookie: Massachusetts Amherst: Isenberg
The Isenberg School of Management is the best newcomer with place 69. The US school’s impressive performance is partly due to it being the best MBA for value for money, a calculation that compares current alumni salary to income lost during college. Graduates also have the third-highest salary increase from before the MBA to three years after, at 188 percent. ss


Top for industry diversity: AGSM at UNSW
The Australian school ranks highest in Student Sector Diversity, a new category based on the range of industries students have worked in at the time of admission. The school also improved its overall position from 98th to 95th and in two other diversity metrics: percentage of international faculty and students. Alumni praised the networking opportunities and simulations of running a business. TM

Fast Facts

By Sam Stephens

1st place: Top class
New York’s Columbia tops the rankings for the first time, with the third-highest average weighted alumni salary of $226,359.

Rank 3: Sophisticated
Graduates of Iese in Barcelona are among the top 25 most likely to have completed an internship or studied abroad for at least a month.

Rank 4=: High earners
Stanford graduates have the highest weighted average salary three years after graduation at $248,669 — about $10,000 more than the nearest school.

Rank 4=: Academic experts
Harvard leads FT research ranking for the second year in a row, based in part on the number of articles per faculty in 50 selected journals.

6th place: Best value
Of the top 25 schools, Italy’s SDA Bocconi offers the best value for money, due in part to relatively low tuition fees.

Rank 8: Well connected
The alumni network at Cornell: Johnson is a leader based on factors such as effectiveness as a source of career opportunities.

Rank 14: catching up
UCLA Anderson in California rose 12 spots from its position in 2022 and returns to the top 25 for the first time since 2020.

Rank 17=: Industry diversity
The youngest class at HEC Paris has students from a wide range of industries from all schools in the top 25.

Rank 17=: Climate neutral
Darden of the University of Virginia ranks first on the carbon footprint for his commitment to achieving net-zero emissions.

22nd place: gender diversity
The school closest to male-female parity among its faculties is IE in Madrid, with 49 percent women.

Rank 23=: Profit increases
Alumni who graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics saw the highest salary increase at 207 percent.

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