Mann “stared” for refusing to swap seats with pensioners on long-haul flights

A long-haul flight on an airplane can be extremely uncomfortable, but an upgraded seat can certainly make the long journey that much more comfortable. Many of us can’t afford the luxury of flying first class, so extra legroom in economy seats may be the next best thing, reports the Mirror.

However, a couple who paid more for extra legroom on a 12-hour flight found themselves in an awkward situation after an eligible elderly couple attempted to claim the seats. The man took to Reddit to explain that he was glared at by fellow passengers after refusing to leave the seats, which he paid an extra $60 (£50) for.

Entitled “Old couple trying to take our seats on a plane,” the man explained the conversation that took place between himself and the retirees. He wrote: “I’ve seen a few posts about airplane seats so I thought I’d add my story.

“A few years ago, my significant other and I planned a three-month trip around the world. Our first flight was from New Zealand to Los Angeles. 12-13 hours.

“We booked and paid for our flights and I added the premium economy seats as I’m 1.80m tall and wanted more legroom. Costs an additional $60 (£50).

“This flight was Air New Zealand, the screen will have your name on it when you get to your seat. We get on the plane. Find our seats and there is this elderly couple (mid 70’s).

The man and his wife were glared at for not giving up their seats(Image: Getty Images)

“I ask them if they mixed up their seat numbers. That was not the case. I show them my ticket and seat number and point to my name on the screen.

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