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Tom Brady may be considered the GOAT of American football, but the seven-time Super Bowl champion’s new film, 80 for Brady, features four GOATs from a very different field. The heartwarming sports comedy, which debuted at the 34th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival earlier this year and is now available to watch at home via video-on-demand, stars Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno and Sally Field (Hollywood royalty , all !) as Trish, Lou, Maura and Betty, four octogenarian football-loving best friends who plan a trip to Super Bowl LI in 2017 to see the famous quarterback personally guide their beloved New England Patriots to victory.

Directed by actor/writer/producer Kyle Marvin, perhaps best known for his role as WeWork co-founder Miguel McKelvey in the 2022 Apple TV+ series WeCrashed, the sweet tale is loosely based on the Over 80s club for Brady,” to actual group of five older Patriots fans, including now 94-year-old Betty Pensavalle, who began meeting weekly to watch games after the deaths of their husbands. While the quintet never made it to the Super Bowl in real life, their longtime friendship inspired Pensavalle’s grandson, who works in Hollywood, to pitch their story as a potential movie. Brady caught wind of the idea and immediately jumped on board as star and producer, with the title becoming the first feature film to be released through his new content company, 199 Productions.

Although shot in Massachusetts and Texas, 80 for Brady’s filming took place primarily in Southern California, an option that proved far more economical and convenient for the cast and crew, especially amid the pandemic. Representing Houston’s NRG Stadium, where most of the action takes place, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and BMO Stadium are two local arenas that sit side-by-side just south of Interstate 10 in Exposition Park. And the Guasti Villa, a Jefferson Park estate originally constructed in the early 1900s by wealthy Italian-born winemaker Secundo Guasti, also features as the spot where the ladies attend a pre-Super Bowl party .

The historic mansion, which sits on a wide street-to-street lot well back from the street and accessible to passers-by at 3500 W. Adams Blvd. Barely visible, is a true hidden gem that most Angelenos are unaware of its existence. As the LA Times observed, “In the middle of yet another featureless suburb, one might think one would hallucinate upon seeing the palatial Beaux-Arts residence of Secundo Guasti, with its gated driveway, balustraded roof, and sculpted lions guarding the front entrance .”

The mansion, which currently serves as the home of the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens, is open to the public, offering those interested a unique opportunity to get an up close and personal look at an immaculately preserved turn-of-the-century castle.

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