Elon Musk spotted with Rupert Murdoch at Super Bowl 2023

A screenshot of Elon Musk sitting next to Rupert Murdoch in a box at the Super Bowl.

After months of strike the media and saying Only idiots believe the pressTwitter CEO Elon Musk seems to have finally found an outlet he likes, judging by how comfortable he was with Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch at Sunday’s Super Bowl.

It was Musk and Murdoch spotted sitting in the same box at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona by none other than Fox who broadcast the game. The billionaires were joined by Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth, a UK-based producer and investor. Though the cameras only lingered on Musk and Murdoch briefly, that was all it took to create a spectacle on air and on social media. Musk previously said he would be suspended “Any account that doxxt real-time location information of anyone.” Good thing it was a TV station showing where he was.

Sender Kevin Burkhardt immediately much praise to his boss, his boss’s daughter and Musk. Then Burkhardt added, as if sensing he might have gone off like a brown-nosed, that Murdoch had paid his salary.

“Well you have some brilliant minds in this photo Rupert Murdoch, Elisabeth Murdoch, Elon Musk,” the broadcaster said. “Rupert also pays our checks so that’s always good.”

Over on Twitter, some users commented that Musk and Murdoch were seen together not a good sign. MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan pointed out that the image of the two is one that will be remembered the next time Musk rants about elitism and the media.

“To the rightWing billionaire media moguls need to stick together I think,” Hasan tweeted. “But keep that image in mind the next time you hear Musk pretend to be anti-elitist or anti-establishment or anti-media or some sort of populist.”

Others, like Democratic activist Andrew Wortman, explained that Musk chose Murdoch as his Super Bowl watch buddy cemented the Twitter owner’s role as a supervillain. Podcast host and producer Cheri Jacobus summarized the hangout in a nutshell: “Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch together at the Super Bowl. Be scared. I’m very afraid.”

While two billionaires chilling with each other is remarkable, so is the internet tried to find out what Musk and Murdoch had talked about. Unable to resist talking about himself and/or trolling, the Chief Twit decided to quench the public’s curiosity himself, though it’s not clear if he was serious. In response to a thread asking for theories — stating that they wanted “only wrong answers” — about what Musk and Murdoch had been talking about, Musk gave a one-word answer: Dogecoin.

The Twitter CEO’s response is not surprising. He once proclaimed himself as the “dog dad” and has frequently inflated the memecoin in the past, even agreeing to accept the currency as such payment for some goods at Tesla. Predictably, Musk’s tweet boosted Dogecoin’s value almost immediately for about two hours, at one point increase by 5%according to insiders.

The musk hump did not last, and Dogecoin returned to its previous value on Monday morning. However, it drills a hole in it Musk’s own reasoning that the content of tweets does not move the markets. Maybe he should remember that next time he’s being sued by shareholders.

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