Eagles coach Nick Sirianni breaks down in tears during the national anthem at the start of Super Bowl LVII

By Alastair Talbot for Dailymail.Com

23:55 12 February 2023, updated 01:20 13 February 2023

Emotions finally caught up with Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni ahead of this year’s Super Bowl after he cried a flood of tears during the national anthem.

The 41-year-old, who is only in his second coaching season in the NFL, guided the Eagles to their second Super Bowl game in 11 years after Philadelphia defeated Tom Brady and the England Patriots in 2018.

This was the team’s first Vince Lombardi Trophy in franchise history.

This year, Sirianni and his players will try to replicate their 2018 success against the Kansas City Chiefs after winning 16-3 overall in the regular season and NFL playoffs.

Last month, Sirianni’s three children stole the show at the NFC press conference after the game in Philly by imitating their father’s idiosyncrasies.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick

Sirianni was seen with his family at University of Phoenix Stadium ahead of Sunday’s big game

When Philadelphia’s head coach came into contact with reporters about his team’s 7:31 win over the San Francisco 49ers, his daughter Taylor made her best impression of her father, which she rounded off with several hand gestures.

On more than one occasion, however, Sirianni has had to take off his head trainer Eagles cap and show his fatherly side by telling his kids how to behave.

Additionally, Taylor has been told on numerous occasions to stop her shenanigans, and her reaction to one of her father’s warnings was utterly hilarious as she ultimately seemed defeated by the sulking in front of cameras.

“We have so many discussions about what we’re going to do in these scenarios. Calls we could call, what we would call if we had already called that, and so on. So… hey guys, you guys gotta stop,” Sirianni said, warning his kids to stop their mischief again.

“Taylor, stop it,” he then said, trying to speak to him before telling his two boys, “Hey, stop it, stop it. Look ahead and stop.’

Meanwhile, ahead of Super Bowl LVII, Sirianni praised NFL coach and mentor Frank Reich for his development as a head coach after serving three years as an offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts under Reich from 2018-20.

They also worked as assistants with the Chargers for three years.

“Frank used to say to me, ‘No one suddenly becomes different from their cherished thoughts and habits.’ That is, no one suddenly becomes different. You are who you were all along,” Sirianni said.

BUSTED: Taylor reacts after being publicly scolded by her father for stopping her shenanigans

“This is a bigger game than this or that. They were all big. I show the team a picture of a mountain every week. There’s the top of the mountain, you can see it, but the guy’s vision is right there (ahead) on the steps. Your focus doesn’t change because the situation or the game around you or the opponent changes.”

“You’re still concentrating on one step at a time. The higher you go up the mountain…it gets windier, the conditions get tougher, it gets a little steeper, it gets a little harder to breathe.”

“So now what an incredible time to just focus on the next step and not look up.”

The Eagles meet the Kansas City Chiefs from Glendale, Arizona. This year’s Super Bowl will be broadcast on Fox Sports.

Frank Reich and Sirianni during their time together as coaches of the Indianapolis Colts in 2018

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