Bungie shows AI-generated Destiny image and asks for help

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screenshot: Bungie Community Creations

You can joke about fingers all you wantbut the reason AI-generated images are perceived as a Danger and not just idle curiosity is its ability to pass as a genuine man-made work of art. At the extreme end of the scale, this is a threat to accurate reportingand on the more benign side, it makes life miserable for the community managers of popular video games.

How determination, a game that, thanks to its huge and devoted player base, regularly evokes the creators among this crowd by highlighting their films and works of art. Unfortunately last week one of these works of art turned out to be an AI-generated image:

After the person who uploaded it was presented by the fans and immediately viewed as an AI-generated image (“hebb’) is quoted as saying “Woah, I just loved the image, so I posted it on the creation page. I’m taking the job down.” At the time of publication, the image has not been removed, and can still be viewed here.

It’s not the most alarming example of this, I know, but Bungie’s answer is interesting because it highlights the struggles that people involved in the curation and use of artwork are currently facing around the world, whether for work in a video game studio or in an international newsroom. In a blog post titled “There’s Nothing Artificial About This Week’s Picks,” Bungie says:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art

Last week, an AI art was incorrectly submitted to our blog. The selection process requires teamwork, and since this technology is so new, we don’t have a foolproof way of knowing which submissions are AI art.

We wish to continue this celebration of our community for those who work hard to bring their creative selves to the fore as they create works that the traveler would enjoy. For this reason, we will never knowingly accept AI art submissions as potential #Destiny2AOTW or #Destiny2MOTW winners. That being said, this still is new. We ask for your indulgence if we inadvertently publish an AI-generated post, and a respectful warning if this ever happens again in the future. Appreciate the support!

While there is none finally Guide – particularly in cases where the vast majority of a piece is AI conjured up and then edited in PhotoShop – there are already plenty of tips for spotting AI generated images that go beyond the obvious, like (as in the case of this image ) “count fingers”. than this Wired Guide points outanother key tells – at least for the moment! – are dead, lifeless eyes, misshapen ears, a lack of composition, and general weirdness, like one’s hair sticking out of the collarbone, or jewellery/accessories sliding into one another.

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