Best Gaming PC Deals: Check out the biggest discounts at Best Buy and Newegg

If you’re not up to the challenge of assembling the parts and then building your own gaming rig, a pre-built system is a quick and easy route to a new gaming PC. With Nvidia’s previous generation GeForce 3000 series GPUs, you can now find some budget, off-the-shelf gaming desktops. There are even a few rigs with Nvidia’s next-gen RTX 4070 Ti, RTX4080 And RTX4090 GPUs that aren’t overly expensive.

Check out the best gaming PC deals at Best Buy and Newegg for previous-gen systems – and still high-performing – RTX 3000-series GPUs, as well as a handful of newer models sporting the latest RTX 4000-series graphics cards.

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Check back regularly; I will keep this list updated as current discounts expire and new offers emerge.

best buy

While not currently discounted, this CyberPower tower is one of the cheapest gaming PCs powered by Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 4070 Ti GPU. It also ships an AMD Ryzen 7 7700X CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD.

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Even without the slight $50 discount, this Cobratype system would still be one of the more affordable RTX 4080-based gaming PCs. Part of the reason for the (relatively) low price is the odd CPU-GPU pairing. It features the latest from Nvidia in the form of the RTX 4080 GPU, but then flips and gives you a CPU from Intel’s previous 11th Gen family of processors. At least it’s a powerful Core i9-11900F chip. The other points worth noting are the liquid cooling system and the powerful 1,000 watt power supply.

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This Skytech system features the latest from Intel and Nvidia via the Core i7-13700KF CPU and RTX 4090 GPU. Newegg is $600 off to bring the price under $4,000 – a rarity for a gaming PC with Nvidia’s latest flagship GPU. It also packs 32GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and a massive 1,200W PSU.

best buy

It’s not on sale, but this Skytech system is still one of the cheapest gaming PCs with RTX 3060 graphics. Paired with the RTX 3060 GPU is an Intel Core i7-12700F CPU. You also get 16GB of RAM, a roomy 1TB SSD, and a 650W PSU.

Skytech Blaze 3 gaming desktop at an angle

This Skytech system costs $350, which is only $50 more expensive than the model above. It puts you on the RTX 3060 Ti graphics but has the Core i7-11700F CPU from Intel’s previous 11th gen. The power supply is also slightly lower at 600 watts.

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With a whopping $550 discount, this MSI slim tower system with its RTX 3070 GPU is a great deal. In addition to the mid-range RTX graphics card, it has a Core i7-12700F CPU, 16 GB of RAM, a 1 TB SSD and a 750-watt power supply.

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You can get almost $200 on this Velzstrom Gaming PC with RTX 3080 graphics along with an 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900K CPU, 16GB RAM, a 1TB SSD and a 750W PSU. save dollars. It’s the rare example of an RTX 3080-based PC that costs under $2,000.

How to choose a good gaming PC deal

There are thousands of gaming PC deals to choose from, but not all are worth your hard-earned cash. As with any expensive purchase, it pays to assess your needs before diving in and spending big bucks. When it comes to gaming PC deals, that means considering how demanding the games you want to play are, how your new PC will fit into your existing setup (e.g. how many displays it will drive and with which ones resolution and what frame rate) and of course your budget. If you want multi-monitor 4K gaming, you’ll likely struggle on a $1,000 budget, so it’s best to be realistic with your expectations here.

Once you have these factors in mind, what matters is the value for money on offer. The main considerations here are the processor, graphics card, and RAM, as these have the biggest impact on your overall experience. Newer and better performing parts will add to the overall price – just check out our list of those The best graphics cards for gamers and you’ll see that these don’t come cheap – so consider machines with newer, previous generation components to save some money.

Should I buy a pre-built gaming PC or build my own?

Depending on how tech-savvy you are, the suggestion of building your own gaming PC will either excite you or scare you. The main benefit of building a PC yourself is that you select each component, look for quotes on individual parts, and ultimately get more bang for your buck. The downside is that it requires a lot of research, effort, and a decent amount of technical understanding. There’s also a risk of something going wrong in the build process, meaning you’ll end up damaging parts or pulling your hair out trying to figure out why things aren’t working as expected. With prepackaged gaming PC deals, you can skip some of the more time-consuming and frustrating parts of the process, but you’re paying for the privilege and likely spending more money overall.

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