Andy Reid returns in 2023

13TH FEBRUARY: Not surprisingly, immediately after the Chiefs’ win, Reid was asked about his future. His response (to NBC Sports’ Peter King, among others) made it clear that he has no plans to retire and will continue in what many are calling the NFL’s newest dynasty.

“I look in the mirror and I’m old” Reid added via PHNX’s Howard Balzer (Twitter shortcut). “However, my heart is young. I still love what I do. I’m too old, but I’m fine with what I’m doing right now… If they have me, I’ll stick with it.”

FEBRUARY 12TH: The Chiefs are preparing to play their third Super Bowl in the past four years, each of which has occurred during the game Andy Reid‘s tenure in Kanas City. Unsurprisingly, questions have been raised about the head coach’s future.

Speaking to Reid today, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer raised the matter of the former potentially retiring as soon as this off-season. The answer he received wasn’t definitive one way or another, which has led to speculation that today could be Reid’s last game on an NFL touchline.

“I’m not getting any younger” said Reid. “I’ve got a young quarterback. I have to make a decision after this game.” (Video shortcut). The 64-year-old also made it clear that he approached Super Bowl LVII with a different mentality than the others he’s attended in terms of reflecting on the moment rather than solely focusing on the game itself.

Following the 2019 Chiefs title, Reid said he had no thoughts of retiring, although this win ended the personal championship drought that in many ways defined his coaching career up to that point. His only Super Bowl appearance with the Eagles ended in defeat, and he goes into battle with his former team with a record 1-1 in Kansas City. A second ring would further cement his status as one of the game’s most accomplished coaches, but a decision to resign soon after would come as a bit of a surprise.

Reid indicated in July 2020 that he was willing to continue his post throughout the quarterback’s length Patrick Mahomes‘ Massive expansion. That would require staying on the sidelines into his 70s, a feat that might remain attractive given the continued success the Chiefs have enjoyed in recent years. Kansas City has hosted the AFC championship game for five straight years, and with Mahomes at the heart of a strong core of players, a significant decline isn’t likely anytime soon. Reid is currently under contract until 2025.

Today’s game will of course be the focus of the league. However, Reid’s self-proclaimed decision regarding his career path will no doubt become a key storyline not long after.

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